Working in partnership with The National Gallery

The National Gallery is an internationally-renowned gallery with a name that’s recognised around the world. Every painting tells its own remarkable story, from late medieval pictures to 20th-century icons. Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt and Van Gogh are all represented in the gallery’s collection of over 2,300 works.

We’re committed to sharing our collection with as many people as possible, which has led us to offer branding arrangements and licensing agreements for selected business partners.

Our brand, your ideas

Working with The National Gallery gives you access to a unique collection of Western European painting. It also offers you a partnership with one of the best-known names in the art world.

We promise:

  • A fresh approach: cropping a picture to focus on the subject or to expose an easily-missed detail is something we positively encourage. Our paintings are precious… but our attitude isn’t!
  • Undivided attention: our aim is to support a relatively small number of partners and to give them the best opportunities.
  • An untapped resource: we’ve only started offering brand partnerships in the last few years, so you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.
  • Authority and recognition: use our well-respected name and our trademark on your products and your services.

The National Gallery licensing programme

Working in partnership with The National Gallery can provide:

Free access to our entire image library

Every single painting owned by The National Gallery is available as a high-quality, colour-matched digital image. You can browse through the collection on your own or with the help and expertise of our picture librarians. Choose and license a single masterpiece… or use the entire collection!

Free out-of-hours escorted visits

Enjoy privileged access to The National Gallery’s unrivalled collection of European art. We understand it’s not always practical for business partners to visit during our standard opening hours, which is why we’re happy to show you around when the crowds have gone home.

Use of our trademark

Not only will you have access to The National Gallery’s paintings, you’ll also be endorsed by a prestigious international brand. The National Gallery’s logo is simple, recognisable and respected.

Inspiration and commercial expertise

The National Gallery regularly stages temporary exhibitions and, through The National Gallery Company, also operates its own retail outlets. This experience has given us an exclusive insight into the commercial opportunities available for licensed products.

Curator support

Paintings in The National Gallery are divided between curators according to the ‘national school’ (usually the artist’s home or adopted country) and by date. Each curator is responsible for the care, display, cataloguing and presentation of the paintings in their care. Their specialist knowledge is available to our business partners, whether you need help choosing an image or require in-depth background information about an artwork.

A talent for product development

The National Gallery Company has designed its own exclusive products and sells them in its shops. Take advantage of this know-how by talking to us in confidence about your own plans for licensed products.

Marketing and PR support

With experienced in-house sales, marketing and public relations teams, The National Gallery is able to offer guidance that’s both practical and relevant.

Iconic venue

The National Gallery building in London’s Trafalgar Square was opened in 1838. It’s subsequently been expanded on several occasions, most recently by the creation of the Sainsbury Wing in 1991. Promotional events and product launches can be hosted in the original Victorian building or in the postmodern exhibition space.

Café and Dining rooms for entertainment

The cafés and restaurants in the National Gallery may be booked for private events, either in association with the gallery or for separate occasions. All our catering has a strong focus on British food, with much of the produce supplied by regional specialists and rare breed farmers.


The National Gallery can support your business at all stages of product development, from conception through to launch and beyond. As well as offering commercial guidance, we’re also able to provide artistic advice – whether you need to talk to a curator, a picture librarian or an exhibition designer.

Contact us

To find out more about our licensing programme, please contact the Business Development Manager at The National Gallery Company:

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