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Introduced to painting and perspective by his father, a theatre decorator, the Venetian Giovanni Antonio Canal, known as Canaletto (1697-1768), is best known for his vedute. Whilst the amateurs of his time brought back their landscape paintings as evidence of their travels in Italy, Canaletto became the incarnation of La Serenissima of the baroque period.

A forerunner in his method of spacing out the different planes of his works, he embellished his pictures with details in order to better highlight the distances, and used a camera obscura in the composition of his paintings.

With the precision of the lines and the tonality of the palette, Canaletto's paintings are still, defined by his own hand, the most beautiful panoramas in the history of art. In the course of this inspired, richly-illustrated book, Octave Uzanne revives the reader's passion for this striking Venetian painter of seventeenth century art.

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Product Code 1019435
ISBN 9781859956830
author Octave Uzanne
format Hardback
pages 256
published Aug 2008
publisher Parkstone Press
Dimensions 27 X 32 X 2.8 cm

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