Constable and Salisbury: The Soul of Landscape

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Timothy Wilcox is a writer and curator with a particular interest in British landscape painting and watercolours.

Apart from the Stour Valley on the borders of Suffolk and Essex, where he grew up, Constable made more paintings and drawings in and around Salisbury than in any other part of England. He was a regular visitor for nearly twenty years, staying in the Close, first as guest of the bishop, then with his nephew, Archdeacon John Fisher. Paintings and drawings of Salisbury figure in every exhibition of Constable's art, but they have never been considered in isolation.

Constable and Salisbury: The Soul of Landscape examines every aspect of Constable's connections with Salisbury, casting new light not only on the places and people, but on his intriguing interpretations of such familiar monuments as Salisbury Cathedral, Old Sarum and Stonehenge. Published to accompanying the exhibition Constable and Salisbury, The Soul of LandscapeA" at the Museum of Salisbury and South Wiltshire, situated within Salisbury Cathedral Close, it promotes a fresh understanding of Constable's art.

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Product Code 1032328
ISBN 9781857596786
author Timothy Wilcox
colour illustrations 138
format Paperback
pages 196
published May 2011
publisher Scala
Dimensions 21.8 X 27.9 X 2 cm

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