Gauguin: The Quest for Paradise

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Paul Gauguin's flight from French society and his search for lost innocence in the South Seas has become a modern myth. A successful stockbroker and respectable married man, he abandoned everything to fulfil himself as an artist. In Tahiti he found the 'peace' that he was looking for. Incapable of compromise, obsessed with physical beauty, intensely sensitive to light and colour, Gauguin changed the course of art and the way we see the world.

Gauguin: The Quest for Paradise, a pocket-sized biography, includes over 200 illustrations with many colour reproductions of Gauguin's works, contemporary documents, photographs and accounts of his life.

Product Information

Product Code 1015840
ISBN 9780500300077
author Françoise Cachin
colour illustrations 115
format Paperback
illustrations 200
pages 196
published 1992
publisher Thames & Hudson
series World of Art
Dimensions 12 cm X 18 cm

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