Hans Makart: Painter of the Senses

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The “Makart Period” of the late nineteenth century is known as an era of sumptuous beauty and opulence in Vienna. Hans Makart, after whom the period was named, became a national icon in Austria—a rock star of the art world whose paintings, interior design, theatrical sets and costumes were celebrated as much for their style as for the status they exemplified.

Hans Makart: Painter of the Senses includes his legendary room in the Palais Dumba, his monumental paintings, and his controversial and subversive erotic works. The large-scale theatric quality of Makart’s work is evident in the stunning reproductions featured in the book, which allow viewers to appreciate the brilliant palette of his oeuvre.

Product Information

Product Code 1033114
Authors Agnes Husslein-Arco, Alexander Klee
ISBN 9783791351513
colour illustrations 200
Dimensions 23 x 28 cm
format Hardback
pages 252
published June 2011
publisher Prestel

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