Hogarth's Marriage A-La-Mode

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Hogarth's Marriage A-La-Mode explores one of Hogarth’s best known series of paintings that took the upper echelons of society as its subject. This is a re-issue with a fresh design featuring Judy Egerton’s engaging text and includes a free DVD narrated by Alan Bennett.

The book and DVD set of Hogarth's Marriage A-La-Mode examines the story of Marriage A-la-Mode, a six part series describing a marriage arranged between the son of a spendthrift nobleman who needs cash and the daughter of a rich City of London merchant who wants to buy social status. Love between the bride and bridegroom never develops; and their discordant lives progress through adultery and venereal disease to murder, execution and suicide.

The author, Judy Egerton, explains the multiple visual clues and symbols employed by Hogarth to create this intriguing narrative on the questionable morals of the upper classes of the late eighteenth century.


  • Introduction
  • The Marriage Settlement
  • The Tête à Tête
  • The Inspection
  • The Toilette
  • The Bagnio
  • The Lady’s Death
  • Engraving Marriage A-la-Mode
  • Selling the Paintings of Marriage

'The book... is the perfect accompanient to a closer look at the original paintings', Sarah Lawson, May 2011, Cassone - The International Online Magazine of Art and Art Books

Product Information

Product Code 1018447
ISBN 9781857095104
Author Judy Egerton
format Hardback
illustrations 45 (approx)
Pages 80
Published Feb 2011
Publisher National Gallery Company
words 17,000
Dimensions 15 cm X 25 cm X 1.5 cm

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