Leonardo da Vinci

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Featuring engaging text and numerous illustrations this art history book brings Leonardo da Vinci to life in a format that's both entertaining and informative.


This art history book explores da Vinci's unique artistic talents and at the same time introduces Leonardo the mathematician, urban planner, cartographer, poet, musician, astronomer, and medical scientist. Readers will learn about the scientific discoveries that inspired the young Renaissance artist and the cultural forces that nourished his creative spirit.


This art history book features high quality reproductions of his most famous works along with notebook sketches of dissected bodies, flying machines, and even robots. The Italian artist's personal life is told through fascinating anecdotes that look beyond the myth to bring the man into clearer focus. Throughout, the author's engaging tone allows readers to experience familiar masterpieces with a fresh eye.


This Italian art history book is one of many art books available from the National Gallery, which include art history books, art exhibition catalogues and gift books.

Product Information

Product Code 1027640
ISBN 9783791343365
author Christiane Weidemann
colour illustrations 100
format Paperback
pages 128
published Feb 2010
publisher Prestel

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