Rembrandt's Universe: His Art, His Life, His World

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With more full-colour reproductions of Rembrandt's work than any other collection, this art history book about the Dutch painter is a definitive text � on Rembrandt, and on art. It is an eminently readable art book on Dutch art, packed with information about the Dutch painter and interpretations of his work in a highly enjoyable treatment of scholarship to date. At the same time, this art book about the Dutch Golden Age addresses Rembrandt's personal relationships; his finances; his artistic influences; his choice of subject matter; his techniques.


Celebrated in his own time as well as the present, Rembrandt's output was prodigious, totalling around 600 paintings, 300 etchings and 2,000 drawings ranging from commissioned portraits to landscapes to religious allegories.


There has long been doubt over the precise number of works that can be absolutely attributed to the great master. Distilling centuries of debate into a single volume, Gary Schwartz provides a completely accessible overview of the central controversies and mysteries surrounding Rembrandt and his masterpieces.


This art history book is one of many art books available from the National Gallery, which include art history books, art exhibition catalogues and gift books.

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