Ron Mueck at the National Gallery

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Ron Mueck's sculpture first came to major critical attention during the Sensation exhibition. Usually cast in silicone, fibreglass and acrylic, his works are celebrated for their incredibly life-like detail - although his manipulation of scale means that they evoke physical reality rather than imitate it directly.

In 1999 Ron Mueck became Associate Artist at the National Gallery. During his two-year post, he took up residence in the Gallery, creating new work in response to its collection of masterpieces. Accompanying the exhibition that marked the end of Mueck's tenure, Ron Mueck at the National Gallery illustrates the artist's new art sculptures for the first time - and discusses in detail the work of a sculptor whose subjects are traditional, although his treatment of them sometimes is not.

For Ron Mueck the making of each sculpture is fundamental to its meaning, and the perfect execution of each piece crucial to its psychological impact. In Ron Mueck at the National Gallery, Colin Wiggins discusses how his work is made, and the artist's chief inspirations from the Gallery's collection. The writer and curator Susanna Greeves, who worked closely with Mueck for several years, then considers his sculpture as part of a wider tradition.

Shortlisted for The Art Newspaper & AXA Art Exhibition Catalogue Award 2003, Ron Mueck at the National Gallery was published to accompany the Ron Mueck: Making Sculpture Exhibition at the National Gallery in 2003.

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Product Code 1018376
ISBN 9781857091670
author Colin Wiggins, Susanna Greeves
colour illustrations 60
format Paperback
pages 64
published Mar 2003
publisher National Gallery Company
Dimensions 20.6 X 27 X 0.8 cm

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