Titian: The Complete Paintings

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As a prominent painter of exciting Late Renaissance Venice, Titian left an indelible mark on the European painting of his time and long afterwards. Rubens and Van Dyck were inspired by Titian. And take Edouard Manet's Olympia – an explicit allusion to Titian's Venus of Urbino. Even the work of Francis Bacon betrays the influence of this Venetian master.

It was above all the way Titian treated light and colour that had such an influence on many generations of artists after him. Titian gave pride of place to colour in his paintings. Whether they were of mythological or religious subjects, portraits or landscapes: Titian combined people and nature in a harmonious whole with dazzling colours.

The most recent complete catalogue of his work was published in 1975. Since then research on the oeuvre of Titian has made considerable progress. Many of his paintings have been thoroughly restored so that the splendour of their original colours can be fully enjoyed again.You can find all of this in this comprehensive book about Italian Renaissance art.

This book not only brings all of Titian's works into your home; Professor Humfrey, an eminent expert on Titian, throws light on the fascinating details of the paintings, makes extensive comments on them, and provides a clear outline of the period in which the artist lived.

The force of Titian can still be felt in the painting of today. You can also feel that force in this book, with its unusual format, refined design, and the sophisticated modern technology used to print it. It also contains a full bibliography and a list of all the museums where you can admire the work of Titian.

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