Venice in the Age of Canaletto

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Canaletto's genius was documenting in his paintings the immediately recognizable views of Venice in a naturalistic way. At the same time, his contemporaries such as Tiepolo, Guardi and Ricci were painting and sculpting religious, mythological, and historical dramas in the grand baroque tradition. The dynamic tension between these contrasting artistic styles is the focal point of this fascinating examination of Venice in Canaletto's era.

Venice in the Age of Canaletto also examines the cultural context of the artist's development as a vedute, or view painter. It opens with an extensive biography of Canaletto, illustrated by numerous reproductions of his work. Offering examples of the works of Canaletto's contemporaries, such as the genre pictures, frescoes, and religious paintings that were typical of the era, a section on the decorative arts of eighteenth-century Venice compares the remarkable spirit of these objects to Canaletto's landscapes. The result is a unique and multi-faceted portrait of a city on the brink of change and a critical moment in the history of art.

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Product Code 1027626
ISBN 9783791380001
artist Canaletto
author Alexandra Libby, Thomas Stanton
format Hardback
Format Hardback
pages 224
published Oct 2009
publisher Prestel
Dimensions 23.8 X 31.2 X 2.1 cm

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