Large Boat in a Bottle Kit

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Building boats in a bottle is a traditional sailor’s craft from the past. When becalmed or in port, seamen used to pass the time by making small models of sailing ships, worked through the neck of a bottle. The idea has not lost any of its fascination. This boat in a bottle kit comes with instructions and all parts needed.

The kit is a great bit of nostalgia and comes complete with 9cm bottle, 8.5cm wooden boat kit, instructions and a stand so you can show off to all of your friends. It would make a lovely quality gift for both adults and kids!

An interactive mix of history and adventure, this ship in a bottle kit is a unique and fun toy, packaged in an inspirational, handmade, colourful box.

Product Information

Product Code 1033966
Ages 8+
Dimensions 11.5 X 14.57 X 7 cm

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