The Wrightsman Pictures

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This lavish art history book presents 150 European paintings, pastels, and drawings from the late fifteenth to the mid nineteenth century that have been given to the Metropolitan Museum by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wrightsman or are still held in Mrs. Wrightsman’s private collection.


These notable works were collected over the past four decades, many of them with the Museum in mind; some were purchased by the Museum through the Wrightsman Fund.


Highlights of this art history book include masterpieces by Vermeer, El Greco, Rubens, Van Dyck, Georges de La Tour, Jacques-Louis David, and Caspar David Friedrich as well as numerous paintings by the eighteenth century Venetian artists Canaletto, Guardi, and the Tiepolos, father and son, plus a dozen remarkable portrait drawings by Ingres. Each work in this art history book is reproduced in colour and is accompanied by a short essay.


This art history book is one of many art books available from the National Gallery, which include art history books, art exhibition catalogues and gift books.


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