A Closer Look: Allegory

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Erika Langmuir, OBE, was educated in France and the United States. She has taught at the University of Sussex and held the Chair of Art History at the Open University. She was Head of Education at the National Gallery (1988–1995). Erika is author of Masterpieces and The National Gallery Companion Guide.

When we say that ‘Love is blind’ or ‘Time flies’ – making concepts sound like living beings – we are using the language of allegory. Painters have long relied on allegory to create ‘message pictures’. Once thought to rival literary works or political oratory in influence and prestige, such paintings, with their references to ancient myth, the Bible or astrology, all too often puzzle modern viewers. This book explains types of visual allegory in Western art, and the contexts in which they were originally created and viewed, through some of the most beautiful and intriguing pictures in the National Gallery.

A Closer Look: Allegory was first published as Allegory: National Gallery Pocket Guides in 1997.

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Product Information

Product Code 1018544
ISBN 9781857094855
author Erika Langmuir
colour illustrations 75
format Paperback
pages 96
published May 2010
publisher National Gallery Company
Dimensions 210 X 148 mm

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