A Closer Look: Angels

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Erika Langmuir, OBE, was educated in France and the United States. She has taught at the University of Sussex and held the Chair of Art History at the Open University. She was Head of Education at the National Gallery (1988–1995). Erika is author of Masterpieces and The National Gallery Companion Guide.

Angels are an integral part of Christian art, performing a multitude of roles. Massed together they may form a heavenly choir, glorifying the Virgin Mary or commenting on the surrounding action. Individually, angels can set the scene and engage the viewer, act as messengers between God and man, or become key characters illustrating episodes of Christian history. A Closer Look: Angels explains these diverse roles and the surprisingly complicated history of angels in Western art.

Looking at some of the most engaging paintings in the National Gallery, discover how artistic depictions mirrored the increasing sophistication of angelic doctrine, which eventually proposed the existence of nine types of angel.

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Product Code 1018543
ISBN 9781857094848
author Erika Langmuir
colour illustrations 78
format Paperback
pages 96
published May 2010
publisher National Gallery Company
Dimensions 210 X 148 mm

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