A Closer Look: Conservation of Paintings

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David Bomford is Associate Director for Collections at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.


Jill Dunkerton is Restorer at the National Gallery, London. She co-wrote the best-selling Giotto to Durer and is a regular contributor to the National Gallery Technical Bulletin. Martin Wyld is a world-renowned expert in the conservation of paintings, and was formally Director of Conservation at the National Gallery, London.

The preservation of works of art for future generations is a central function of the National Gallery. Historically, the care of pictures has sometimes sparked controversy, but as this expert guide shows, modern conservation emphasises long-term stabilisation of paintings by methods that alter their structure as little as possible. A Closer Look: Conservation of Paintings discusses the material nature of paintings, describing how they age and the main types of conservation treatment carried out on them, as well as providing an insight into the issues that confront the conservator.

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Product Information

Product Code 1018539
ISBN 9781857094411
author David Bomford
colour illustrations 90
contributors Jill Dunkerton, Martin Wyld
format Paperback
pages 96
published July 2009
publisher National Gallery Company
Dimensions 210 X 148 mm

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