Art in the Making: Rembrandt

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Rembrandt (1606 - 1669) is generally regarded as the finest Netherlandish painter of the Dutch Golden Age.

Art in the Making: Rembrandt, published on the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt's birth, reexamines 21 paintings firmly attributed to the artist and 6 now assigned to Rembrandt followers. Art in the Making: Rembrandt reassesses his technique, materials, and working methods in the light of significant scholarly developments over the last 20 years, addressing problems of attribution that were hardly touched on in the original, groundbreaking edition of 1988.

Introductory essays by distinguished conservation, curatorial, and scientific specialists cover the portrait artist's studio and working methods, the training of painters in 17th century Holland, and Rembrandt's materials and technique.

The essays in Art in the Making: Rembrandt are followed by handsomely illustrated catalogue entries on 27 paintings. A comprehensive bibliography provides a rich source of information about the practice of oil painting, not only for Rembrandt but for 17th century Dutch painting in general.

Product Information

Product Code 1018180
ISBN 9781857093568
Authors Bomford, Kirby, Roy, Axel, White
B&W illustrations 45
colour illustrations 186
Dimensions 270 x 220 mm
format Paperback
pages 224
Published Jun 2006
Publisher National Gallery Company

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