Boris Anrep: The National Gallery Mosaics

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The first works of art encountered by most visitors to the National Gallery are the mosaics at the main entrance, created by the Russian artist Boris Anrep over the period 1926-52. These beautiful mosaics include famous figures of the day, many of whom were close friends of Anrep, such as Virginia Woolf, T S Eliot, Winston Churchill and Greta Garbo.

Boris Anrep: The National Gallery Mosaics provides an account of Anrep's life, describes how the commission for the National Gallery mosaics originated and how the designs developed, and explores the significance of the subjects both as public images for the National Gallery and as private works with personal symbolic meaning for Anrep.

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Product Code 1018378
ISBN 9781857093308
author Lois Oliver
format Paperback
illustrations 10
pages 64
published Oct 2004
publisher National Gallery Company
Dimensions 218 mm X 173 mm

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