Caravaggio: The Final Years DVD

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Writer and narrator

Xavier Bray is Arturo and Holly Melosi Chief Curator at Dulwich Picture Gallery. He was formerly Assistant Curator of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century European paintings at the National Gallery, London.

In 1606 Caravaggio was at the height of his fame as a painter when he killed a man in a duel and, under sentence of death, fled Rome, never to return; four years later, aged 39, he died of a fever.

This film traces the artist’s restless, itinerant last years, from Naples to Malta and Sicily, while his dramatic pictorial style became tinged with introspection, melancholy and a preoccupation with religion and death.

This DVD shines a dramatic spotlight on Caravaggio’s last years in exile and includes the great paintings of his late years and atmospheric location footage from Naples, Malta and Sicily.

Product Information

Product Code 1002147
ISBN 9781857093667
Writer and Narrator Xavier Bray
Box Dimensions 18 x 13 cm
Duration Approx. 35 mins
format Widescreen, NTSC
published 2005, 2013
publisher National Gallery Company
Region Region Free
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