Dictionary of Saints

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An invaluable work of reference, this dictionary of Saints gives an account of the lives and legends of the major saints, many of whom have played important roles in history, as well as those who are less well-known.

Providing information on men and women ranging from the Biblical saints to the recently canonized, this book about saints offers wide coverage of the saints of Great Britain and Ireland.

This Christian history book aims to be as historically informative as possible, with entries including details of the saints' work and life stories, dates of birth, death, canonization and feast days, as well as emblems and especial patronage.

Stressing the saints' remarkable variety of human activity, social origin and personal history, this Christian book contains an informative introduction, explanatory notes and a list of further reading

Revealing a host of fascinating individuals, this dictionary of saints is a mine of information for anyone wanting to check a reference or seeking inspiration, this book will prove to be an indispensable source.

This history book is one of many art books available from the National Gallery, which include art history books, art exhibition catalogues and gift books.

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ISBN 9780140513127
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