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Goya is sometimes called the last of the Old Masters and the first of the Moderns, and his work has left a lasting impressionon avant garde artists from Manet to Picasso.

Goya offers an introduction to Goya and covers all aspects of his work:oil, fresco, etching, lithography, chalk and pen. In his lifetime,Goya worked for some of the most prestigious Spanish patrons. For most of his career he was court painter, and yet he also produced some of the most compelling images of social unrest of the last century.

The book opens with an introduction to the artistic milieu in Saragossa, where Goya received his earliest training. It moves on to explain the growth of his career in Madrid where he eventually became the most prominent painter at court before and after the French occupation of his country.

Throughout the text, Goya's work is set in its political and social context. The work ends with a discussion of his influence on such artists as Manet, Ensor and Picasso.

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Product Code 1011353
ISBN 9788434311749
author Jose Guidol
Format Hardcover
Pages 128
published Jun 2008
publisher Poligrafa
Dimensions 22.1 X 28.7 X 1.5 cm

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