Italian Architecture: From Michelangelo to Borromini

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The years from 1520 to 1630 were crucial to the development of Western architecture, but to reduce the transition from Michelangelo's 'licentious' New Sacristy in Florence to Borromini's innovative S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane to the label 'mannerist' is coming to seem simplistic.

In Italian Architecture: From Michelangelo to Borromini, this freshly researched and original study, Andrew Hopkins stresses the variety of ideas being tried out at this time in response to the changing demands of function, patronage, politics and local traditions, exploring a wide range of Italian buildings (including those outside the major centres), and introducing dozens of neglected architects whose works will come as a revelation.

By 1630, a consensus had emerged and architecture took on a new dynamism that would soon conquer Italy, Europe and the New World: the Baroque.

Product Information

Product Code 1010790
ISBN 9780500203613
author Andrew Hopkins
format Paperback
illustrations 208
pages 224
published Aug 2002
publisher Thames & Hudson
series World of Art
Dimensions 16.3 X 20.6 X 1.5 cm

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