Johan Zoffany: Artist and Adventurer

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Johan Zoffany: Artist and Adventurer, a beautifully designed and illustrated publication, is the first comprehensive biography of the portrait painter Johan Zoffany (b.1733, d.1810), one of the leading figures of eighteenth-century British art.

Following ten years of detailed research, the author traces Zoffany's remarkable life from his upbringing in Bavaria and apprenticeship in Rome to his subsequent success in Britain and adventures working in India. He is a figure who is ripe for reassessment, as a commentator on eighteenth-century politics and history as well as a painter.

This timely and entertaining biography reproducing many images that have never been previously published looks beneath the often deceptively smooth surfaces of his art to discover the intelligence, curiosity and subversive humour that made his work and life so distinctive.

Product Information

Product Code 1013736
ISBN 9781907372049
author Penelope Treadwell
colour illustrations 200
format Paperback
pages 464
published Dec 2009
publisher Paul Holberton Publishing
Dimensions 22 X 16 X 3 cm

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