Katie and the Mona Lisa

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James trained at Maidstone College of Art and his first children's book, Katie's Picture Show was published in 1989. It's been firmly in print ever since, recognised universally as one of the best introductions to art for children. Many more Katie titles have followed and the series sells in museums and galleries all over the world, from the Met in New York, to the Uffizi in Florence, the Louvre in Paris and beyond.

Five famous Italian Renaissance paintings come alive in Katie and the Mona Lisa.


What makes the Mona Lisa smile? In this art book for children by James Mayhew, Katie wants to find out, so she climbs into the Leonardo Da Vinci painting.


But the Mona Lisa is not really feeling very happy so Katie tries to cheer her up... with disastrous results!


For over two decades, the Katie series by James Mayhew has been bringing art to life for young children.

Product Information

Product Code 1023516
ISBN 9781860397066
author James Mayhew
dimensions 21.1 x 24.4 cm
format Paperback
pages 32
published Sep 1999
publisher Orchard Books
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