Leonardo and the Flying Boy

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In this children's art book, Zoro is the young pupil of the amazing painter, sculptor, scientist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci.


Every day he works hard in Leonardo's workshop, mixing colours, cleaning paintbrushes and practising his drawings, but he is never allowed inside the secret locked room, where da Vinci spends hours hammering and sawing at a mysterious invention.


One day da Vinci brings a mischievous boy named Salai to work for him. He is so intrigued by the secret room that he steals the keys to find out what is inside...


This children's art book provides an exciting introduction to the great genius of the Italian Renaissance, with reproductions of da Vinci's own work.


This educational children's book is one of many children's art books available from the National Gallery.

Product Information

Product Code 1025912
ISBN 9780711221321
author ANHOLT
publisher Francis Lincoln
Dimensions 290 X 230

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