Leonardo da Vinci: His Life and Works in 500 Images

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The archetypal Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci's genius expressed itself in almost every area of life. Best known now for his wonderful, evocative paintings, he was also a skilled scientist, engineer and architect, although many of his designs were not realized in his lifetime.

The first part of this fascinating book contains an exploration of Leonardo's life. Beginning with his birth in the small Italian village of Vinci in 1452, it details his childhood, early career, influences and relationships. The second part of Leonardo da Vinci: His Life and Works in 500 Images contains a gallery of over 300 of Leonardo's major paintings, drawings and designs. These superb reproductions are accompanied by analysis of each artwork and its significance within the context of his life, his technique and his body of work as a whole.

Leonardo da Vinci: His Life and Works in 500 Images is an essential volume for anyone who wants to learn more about this intriguing man, and to survey his greatest works in one beautifully illustrated collection.

This new monograph is dedicated to his paintings, with all the authenticated works. More than a dozen topics, including the famous paintings on canvas - the Lady with an Ermine in the Virgin of the Rocks to the Mona Lisa - the frescoes rare - the Last Supper at Santa Maria delle Grazie and Sala delle Asse in the Castello Sforzesco in Milan - some drawings and preparatory studies, as well as some works that no longer exist as the Battle of Anghiari - discovered through copies made by artists later deemed essential to complement the knowledge Leonardo da Vinci as a painter. These masterpieces known throughout the world which, thanks to detailed and extensive references to the book, trace the activity of one of the greatest artists of the West, and one of the most intense periods the history of art. The volume begins with a thorough test of Giovanni Villa and ends with a detailed bibliography.

Product Information

Product Code 1033825
ISBN 9780754823261
editor Rosalind Ormiston
format Hardback
illustrations 500+
pages 256
published Mar 2011
publisher Lorenz Books
Dimensions 23.4 X 29.8 X 3.2 cm

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