Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Man

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Leonardo da Vinci is one of the outstanding figures of the Renaissance and of all time.

An entirely self-taught intellectual giant, he was endlessly curious about the physical world. His amazing notebooks reveal the breadth of his research into areas as diverse as anatomy, architecture, botany, geometry, mathematics, physics and engineering, including his extraordinary anticipation of modern technology.

Today he lives for us as an artist in such milestones of painting as the Mona Lisa and The Virgin on the Rocks.

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Product Code 1016109
ISBN 9780500300817
author Vezzosi, Bonfante-Warren
colour illustrations 148
format Paperback
illustrations 183
pages 160
published Nov 1997
publisher Thames & Hudson
series New Horizons
Dimensions 12.4 X 17.2 X 1 cm

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