Paul Klee: Life and Work

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This beautiful and affordable volume offers high–quality reproductions and the latest biographical information on Paul Klee, who helped pave the way for Modernism.

Readers of Paul Klee: Life and Work will find much to discover and relish in Paul Klee’s art. Several lavish reproductions of his iconic works, as well as those that are more rarely exhibited, are featured alongside in-depth biographical information that looks beyond his many artistic achievements to explore the life and times of the man himself. Never-before-published photographs of Klee and his circle, as well as entertaining and enlightening anecdotes, offer a multifaceted perspective on a groundbreaking artist and the events that helped shape his colorful, imaginative work.

Product Information

Product Code 1032469
ISBN 9783791345260
author Boris Friedewald
B&W illustrations 40
colour illustrations 160
format Paperback
pages 176
published Apr 2011
publisher Prestel
Dimensions 19.4 X 24 X 2.2 cm

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