Raphael (British Museum)

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Raphael had an exceptional artistic eye and a gift for absorbing the styles of other artists and adapting them to his own means and purposes. Draughtsmanship was the foundation of his immensely successful career, and the British Museum holds anexcellent collection of his drawings.

Beginning with an introduction to the life of the artist, this beautifully illustrated book presents a chronological selection of Raphael's drawings including early figure studies, demonstrating his astonishing mastery of naturalistic movement.It then explores his working methods and shows how he incorporated the influences of his famous peers into his own inimitable style.

The development of Raphael's ideas through his drawings gives insight into the mind and method of a fascinatingand much-admired artist.

Product Information

Product Code 1016339
ISBN 9780714126609
artist RAPHAEL
publisher British Museum Press
Dimensions 150 mm X 188 mm

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