Rembrandt: The Kenneth Clark Lectures DVD

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Writer and narrator

Kenneth Clark was born in London in 1903. He was educated at Winchester and Oxford, after which he spent two years in Florence with the art historian Bernard Berenson. From 1953-1960 he was chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain.

On Rembrandt: The Kenneth Clark Lectures, a two disc art DVD set, are five original illustrated lectures written and narrated by Kenneth Clark. Made in 1974, these art history lectures are an authoritative study of Rembrandt and feature examples of his work from over fifty museums.

"In these five programmes I have tried first of all to convey the character of Rembrandt, then to follow the course of his art throughout, and finally to look more closely at the subject which means most to him, the illustration of The Bible.

Rembrandt was not only one of the greatest artists that ever lived, but one who touches us all almost personally in a way that no other great artist does".

- Kenneth Clark

Lord Clark made his first of many television programmes in 1959, with his series Five Revolutionary Painters. In 1969 he brought the history of western culture with the series Civilisation, which made him a household name.

Product Information

Product Code 1011232
Writer and Narrator Kenneth Clark
Box Dimensions 18 x 13 cm
Discs 2
Published 1974
Publisher Linbury Trust

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