Saint Michael Triumphs over the Devil Poster

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This poster features Bermejo's Saint Michael Triumphs over the Devil.

This image is probably the central panel of an altarpiece which was formerly in the church of San Miguel in Tous, near Valencia.

The kneeling donor is Antonio Juan, Lord of Tous. He holds a psalter open at two penitential Psalms (Psalms 51 and 130). The heavy chain and sword indicate that he is a knight. Bermejo's mastery of the Netherlandish technique of painting in oil can be seen in the modelling of the donor's head, in Saint Michael's crystal shield and in the reflections of the Heavenly City on his breastplate.

Saint Michael Triumphs over the Devil by Bartolomé Bermejo is the focus of the Take One Picture schools course, 2013/14. Take One Picture looks at ways of using paintings in the classroom as a starting point for delivering many areas of the National Curriculum. This principle aligns closely with the DCSF Primary National Strategy: Excellence and Enjoyment, which supports a holistic approach to the curriculum by exploiting the links between subject areas.

Product Information

Product Code 1037090
artist Bartolomé Bermejo
Dimensions 80 x 35 cm
Material FSC Paper

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