Sculpture Since 1945

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Since 1945 the modern revolution in sculpture has gathered pace, and sculpture has now ceased to be the fixed category it once was. In recent decades the modernist idea of sculpture across the UK, America, and Europe, has been challenged, and issues such as nationality and politics have been brought in to the arena of public discussion.

In Sculpture Since 1945, a ground-breaking account of the development of post-War sculpture, Andrew Causey examines innovative and avant-garde works in relation to contemporary events, festivals, commissions, the marketplace, and the changing functions of museums. He explores the use of everyday objects and the importance of sculptural context, discussing figurative and non-figurative works, Anti-form, Minimalism, experimental form, Earth Art, landscape sculpture, installation, and Performance Art.

The holistic picture of post-War sculpture which emerges establishes for the first time the key events and themes round which future debate will centre.

Product Information

Product Code 1014429
ISBN 9780192842053
author Andrew Causey
format Paperback
pages 300
published Apr 1998
publisher Oxford University Press
Dimensions 16.8 X 23.7 X 1.8 cm

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