Sisley (Phaidon Colour Library)

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Alfred Sisley is now recognized as one of the great landscape painters of the nineteenth century, and a leading figure in the Impressionist.

English-born, he lived all his life in France, and the 61 colour illustrations in this book include the celebrated snow scenes of the Paris suburbs, his views of the flooded Seine at Port-Marly, and his paintings and colourful regattas on the Thames with Kenneth Clark described as embodying “the perfect moment of Impressionism”.

Richard Shone has completely updated his essay, fist published in 1979, in the light if his major 1992 Phaidon monograph on Sisley, selected new colour plates and added extensive commentaries on the illustrations to the work of Alfred Sisley.

Product Information

Product Code 1015246
ISBN 9780714830513
Artist Sisley
Author Richard Shone
b&W illustrations 36
colour illustrations 50
Dimensions 22.5 cm x 30.5 cm
Format Paperback
Pages 128
Published August 1998
Publisher Phaidon

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