Still Life with Drinking-Horn Poster

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This poster print features Willem Kalf's Still Life with Drinking-Horn.

The drinking-horn in this still life was made of a single buffalo horn set into a silver mount which features Saint Sebastian, patron saint of archers, who was bound to a tree as a target for two Roman soldiers.

It dates from 1565 and is kept today in the Amsterdam Historisch Museum. The horn suggests that the painting was probably commissioned by a member of the Amsterdam archers' guild.

About this painting

Still Life with the Drinking-Horn of the Saint Sebastian Archers' Guild, Lobster and Glasses, about 1653
Oil on canvas, 86.4 x 102.2 cm
© Bequeathed by R.S. Newall, 1978

This poster has a classic white border and the National Gallery logo.

Still Life with Drinking-Horn by Willem Kalf was the focus of the Take One Picture schools course, 2011/12. Take One Picture looks at ways of using paintings in the classroom as a starting point for delivering many areas of the National Curriculum. This principle aligns closely with the DCSF Primary National Strategy: Excellence and Enjoyment, which supports a holistic approach to the curriculum by exploiting the links between subject areas.

Product Information

Product Code 1032975
artist Willem Kalf
Dimensions 60 x 67 cm
Material FSC Paper
Painting Still Life with the Drinking-Horn

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