Technical Bulletin 23

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Series Editor

Ashok Roy is Director of Collections at the National Gallery, London.

The National Gallery Technical Bulletin is a unique record of research carried out at the National Gallery. Drawing on the combined expertise of curators, conservators and scientists, it brings together a wealth of information about artists’ materials, practices and techniques.

Volume 23 Contents

  • The cleaning and restoration of Fra Angelico’s predella panels in the National Gallery
  • The technique of Garofalo’s paintings in the National Gallery
  • Two paintings by Charles-François Daubigny
  • The blackening of vermilion: a study of the process through detailed analysis of paint samples
  • The ‘MARC II’ digital camera and the scanning initiative at the National Gallery
  • Enhanced image processing of X-rays
  • Adhesives for the repair of early panel paintings: an evaluation of their physical properties

Product Information

Product Code 1018108
ISBN 9781857099416
Series Editor Ashok Roy
b&W illustrations 50
Colour Illustrations 50
Dimensions 29.7 x 21 cm
format Paperback
pages 96
published August 2002
publisher National Gallery Company

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