On Christ's right is the good thief with a polygonal halo; angels carry his soul to heaven. On his left is the bad thief whose pink flesh colour shows he is still alive. His legs are being broken and devils hold a brazier with burning coals over his head. Below, on the left, soldiers cast lots for Christ's garment. On the right are Roman soldiers with scribes and Pharisees. The centurion who recognised Christ as the Son of God is seated on a brown horse. One man holds the sponge of vinegar, which Christ was offered to quench his thirst.

In the frame on the left of the Crucifixion are Saint John the Baptist and Saint Paul; on the right Saint James the Greater and Saint Bartholomew. The predella, the lower part of the altarpiece, depicts from left to right, a female saint, Saint Bernard with a book, the Virgin and Child, a monk saint (probably Anthony Abbot), and Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

Probably painted about 1368, 'The Crucifixion' appears to be the work of at least two artists, the softer style being that of the Florentine artist Jacopo di Cione, which can also be seen in 'The Coronation of the Virgin'.

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artist Jacopo di Cione
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The Crucifixion Print

Jacopo di Cione

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