The National Gallery Pocket Collection

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The National Gallery, home to celebrated works by Leonardo, Titian, Rembrandt, Turner, Van Eyck, Van Gogh and many others, contains paintings that rank among the finest in the history of Western European art. This attractive book reproduces many of these much-loved masterpieces along with a brief introduction to the collection.

The National Gallery Pocket Collection presents nearly 200 masterpieces, arranged in four sections that reflect the layout of the gallery and the chronology of the art: Sainsbury Wing (1250-1500), West Wing (1500-1600), North Wing (1600-1700), and East Wing (1700-1900).

Tracing the development of Western European art through the centuries, The National Gallery Pocket Collection is an irresistible treasure for visitors or armchair travellers to the National Gallery.

Product Information

Product Code 1018531
ISBN 9781857094473
colour illustrations 200
Introduction Leah Kharibian
pages 240
published June 2009
publisher National Gallery Company
Dimensions 120 mm X 110 mm

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