The National Gallery Visitor's Guide DVD

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Writers and narrators

Nicholas Penny is a British art historian. Since Spring 2008 he has been director of the National Gallery in London. Marc Woodhead lectures at the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and the Wallace Collection. James Heard, Louise Govier and Jo Ryhmer are also art historians.

The National Gallery houses some of the world's greatest paintings, from early Renaissance altarpieces to the radical new approaches of Van Gogh, Cezanne and Picasso.

This DVD introduces the National Gallery and its collection, and acts as a virtual guided tour and an overall introduction to the history of Western European painting.

Dr. Nicholas Penny, the National Gallery's Director, welcomes you and explains some of the history of the building and collection, then four experts lead you through private tours:

  • Marc Woodhead explores early Renaissance painting, from gilded altarpieces to the stunning realistic portraits of Jan van Eyck
  • James Heard guides us around sixteenth century art, from the High Renaissance mastery of Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci, to the brilliant Venetian colours of Titian.
  • Louise Govier focuses on seventeeth century art, from Caravaggio's intense religious paintings to Rembrandt's self-searching portraits, and the virtuoso techniques of Rubens and Velázquez.
  • Jo Rhymer looks at paintings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, including Constable, Turner and the Impressionists.

Extras on the Visitor's Guide DVD include behind the scenes footage of conservation work and the National Gallery's scientific department, and a closer look at the distinctive mosaic floors designed by Boris Anrep.

Product Information

Product Code 1031040
Writers and Narrators Nicholas Penny et al.
Duration 170 minutes
Format Widescreen
ISBN 9780415373081
Language English
Subtitles English, French, Italian, Spanish
Publisher National Gallery Company
Region Region free

Customer Reviews (1)

  • 28 October 2014

    Review by:

    I purchased the DVD of "The National Gallery, Visitor's Guide" online from the museum's site. I have been absolutely delighted with it. Most museum video's you buy are short, abbreviated tours but this DVD is an extensive 2-1/2 hour program packed with very interesting materials about the art itself and the overall museum. I enjoyed it immensely. My only concern was -would it play in the United States on my DVD player. I am not sure of the international formats. However, it is "region free" and if you are a purchaser in the United States it WILL play on your DVD set here. I particularly liked the section about the museum during World War II. I often wondered what did they do with the art during the blitz and the section about it was very informative and interesting. I found the DVD riveting and highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in the National Gallery! I congratulate the staff of the National Gallery for producing such a magnificent DVD of the museum and their collections.