The Royal Portrait: Image and Impact

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The Royal Portrait: Image and Impact examines the role portraiture has played in promoting the public and private faces of monarchs from Richard II to Queen Elizabeth II. Bringing together works by artists from Holbein to Freud, it investigates the role the royal portrait has played in fashion and politics across 600 years of official and unofficial image-making. It is the first book to explore the subject from within the Royal Collection, and uses the latest art-historical research from a number of fields to present an intriguing reassessment of some of the best-known faces in history.

In her fascinating and highly readable text, Jennifer Scott uses specific works, discussed in detail, as a way to explore the parallels between historic and present day image-making, and reveals a type of iconography far more ground-breaking than its traditions would suggest.

Product Information

Product Code 1016454
ISBN 9781905686131
author Jennifer Scott
format Hardback
pages 200
published Sep 2010
publisher The Royal Collection
Dimensions 21.2 X 25.6 X 2.4 cm

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