Thomas Jones (1742-1803): An Artist Rediscovered

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Thomas Jones, a pupil of Richard Wilson and a talented Welsh landscape artist, has received increasing popular attention in recent decades although little has been published about his life and work.

This comprehensive catalogue seeks to fill that gap, offering essays by Jones scholars and presenting over 150 paintings from throughout the artist's career. It presents research findings, information about Jones's techniques, and reproductions of many paintings, to provide a full view of this important artist and his appealing works. Separate chapters explore various aspects of Jones's career, including his work before, during and after his time in Italy; his life as a chronicler and memoirist in Wales; and his materials and painting techniques. Full-colour catalogue entries provide information on 150 paintings, from Jones's small, luminous landscapes to his large and ambitious classical works.

Product Information

Product Code 1019025
ISBN 9780300099232
author Ann Sumner
colour plates 150
format Hardback
illustrations 50
pages 336
published May 2003
publisher Yale University Press
Dimensions 24.4 cm X 28.4 cm X 3 cm

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