Vincent van Gogh

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Anyone studying a Van Gogh painting with its heavily articulated brushstrokes, dazzling colour and hypnotic perspective will wonder about the artist who created such masterpieces. Although some details of the Dutch artist's brief and tragic life have been mythologized into popular culture, this book takes a deeper look at Van Gogh's personal history and oeuvre. Drawing on Van Gogh's personal correspondence, this book allows readers to experience the artist's life and work with brilliant reproductions of his most famous and lesser-known works.

In addition, it provides valuable information about where readers can view Van Gogh's work in museums throughout the world. Art lovers will find much to discover in this appealing and accessible overview of one of the world's most compelling figures.

Product Information

Product Code 1027623
ISBN 9783791343969
artist Van Gogh
author Isabel Kuhl
format Paperback
illustrations 160
pages 144
published Jul 2009
publisher Prestel
Dimensions 19.5 X 24 X 1.4 cm

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